Chairman: Perry Downs

Spiritual Director: Bill Ruddell,

Treasurer: Carol Strock, 

Secretary: Angela Connell,

Weekend Supply Team: Capers and Brandi Whatley,

Men's Leader: Robert Strock,

Women's Leader:  Teri Downs,

Food Couple:  Randy & Beverly Pope,

Pre-Weekend: Terri Howard


Database: Lisa Elliott,

Palanca Chair:  

Communications Chair: Mike Maher, 

Newsletter: Jeremy James,

Contact Info

Men's Weekend #35

Men's Rector:                          Men's Head Cha:

Keith Howell                                          


Men's Spiritual Director:        Head Prayer:


Weekend Heads

CVTD Secretariat

Three Days with Christ


Attendance on a Tres Dias weekend follows the pattern of Application - Invitation - Registration.

Step 1: A Sponsor must complete an application, submit it and an application fee to the Pre-Weekend representative. Step 2: Pre Weekend Rep will vet the applications and issue a personal invitation to the applicant to attend.

Step 3: Applicant completes and returns the registration form.

Women's Weekend #35

Women's Rector:                               Women's Head Cha
Bobbie WIlkerson                                

Women's Spiritual Director:              Head Prayer: