People who want to attend a Tres Dias Weekend are "Candidates," and they must be sponsored by a person who has already attended. The candidate fee is $85 per person.

Non-refundable Deposit ------     $25

     must be mailed with your Application 

Remainder of Fee --------------    $60

      due on Wednesday, Sept 4 for men

     due Wednesday, Sept 11 for women

TOTAL ----------------------------    $85

Checks can be made payable to "Chattahoochee Valley Tres Dias (CVTD)"

Three Days with Christ


Your Job

Tres Dias Community members, we need you to be a Sponsor.

* Please print clearly on the forms. 

* Double check that signatures are on the candidate and sponsor forms.

* The candidate application must be signed by a Pastor.

* The check for the registration fee of $25 must accompany the application. 

Please contact:

Terri Howard at 
P O Box 1986

Fortson, GA 31808
for a paper application

or call 706-505-0704

email at